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Nicolas de Vaulx
70 x 45 cm  270
Nicolas de Vaulx
90 x 60 cm  420
Nicolas de Vaulx
120 x 80 cm  690
Nicolas de Vaulx
70 x 50 cm  270
Nicolas de Vaulx
90 x 60 cm  420
Nicolas de Vaulx
90 x 60 cm  420
Nicolas de Vaulx
90 x 60 cm  420

Q & A

How would you describe your photographic style? Do you follow a set of rules when you shoot?

For wildlife pictures, I try to take photos that reflect an emotion : eyes contact, tenderness, specifically position. I like to have a nice bokeh (soft background) so I use each time it’s possible a large exposure.

Any photographers you particularly admire?
Vincent Munier. It’s a great French polar wildlife photographer.

What inspires you to shoot?
Nature, wildlife and ethnic pictures.

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?

  • have a good knowledge of the camera and techniques
  • be patient
  • take the photos in the soft lights
  • know what to speak about

Where do you currently live and work?
I live in « Draguignan » a small town in South of France. But there is not much wildlife so I go around the world to meet animals and people.

What did you study – and how I got into photography?
I made journalisme studies and image techniques

Any cool projects you’re currently working on?
A photo project on big apes throughout the world

Please finish these sentences:
I can’t live without… NATURE
My greates inspiration in the world is… WILDLIFE and NATURE
I will never forget… My first travel in savanna wildlife.


Participation to the international exhibition of Montier en Der 2014
Participation in the famous exhibition Latitudes Animales 2014
Participation of the international exhibition in the PARIS Floral Park
Participation of the international exhibition at Somerset House in London

Award at the international Melvita Nature Image Award 2014
Award at the Sony World Photography 2105
Award at the international photo contest of Marais de Séné 2016
Public award at the national Fotovar 2015
Public award at the national Photographique Festival of Roquebrune/Argens 2015

Featured in Photo Magazine n°506
Featured in Terre Sauvage n° 312 and 324
Featured in Image Nature n° 85 and n°87

6 page feature in GEO Ado n°154
8 page feature in Nat’image n° 31