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Romo Jack
30 x 30 cm  130
Romo Jack
40 x 40 cm  180
Romo Jack
90 x 90 cm  620
Romo Jack
30 x 30 cm  150
Romo Jack
30 x 30 cm  150
Romo Jack
90 x 90 cm  730
Romo Jack
30 x 30 cm  130
Romo Jack
30 x 30 cm  120
Romo Jack
120 x 80 cm  930

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Q & A

How would you describe your photographic style? Do you follow a set of rules when you shoot?

I really enjoyed exploring new ways to express myself and proving there's so many ways to make works called “Art”. I wasn’t into art or even considered myself as an artsy person. As the time goes by, I realized that there's something artful in everything we do, in every aspect in life. why not make it into a playground. I found freedom to do what i want. Sometimes I follow a set of rules when I shoot but sometimes I don’t. It depends on what is my mind

Any photographers you particularly admire?
I love Hedi Slimane, Annie Leibovitz

What inspires you to shoot?
Emotion, the beauty that surrounds me and photos are the best way to save memories, and I love to share great moments.

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?
I found out that you don’t need to spend too much time just to imagine for a concept that might lead you to do nothing in the end, the more important thing is to take a look around us and just do it.

Where do you currently live and work?
Born and live in Jakarta, Indonesia

What did you study – and how I got into photography?
I studied economics and information systems. I actually inadvertently learned photography since I was in college. In this digital era, I think everyone can learn photography with great ease. The problem is how the photographer can visualize an object with its own uniqueness. That is what distinguishes one photographer to another even if the object in the photo was the same

Any cool projects you’re currently working on?
Im currently working for a group exhibition in Jakarta for the end of this year.

Please finish these sentences:
I can't live without… blue water
My greates inspiration in the world is… my mom
I will never forget… the liberation of letting go


November 2012
Tribute to Horst, Jakarta

Jakarta 2013
Pink Punk, Mixed media and photography exhibition

Madrid 2016
Instagrammers Gallery


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