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Evgeniy Shaman
120 x 80 cm  690
Evgeniy Shaman
50 x 70 cm  280
Evgeniy Shaman
80 x 120 cm  690
Evgeniy Shaman
70 x 50 cm  300
Evgeniy Shaman
60 x 90 cm  420

Q & A

How would you describe your photographic style? Do you follow a set of rules when you shoot?

I call my style - cinematic photography or staged art photography with drammatic accent. My artworks showing not usual, specific world with it’s own laws. Each image seems to tell a story. With cinematographic touches, each character seems to hide a secret. I write scripts, select actors, make preparation and realise the projects, sometimes of course i am improvising.

Any photographers you particularly admire?
Too many in whole world around.

What inspires you to shoot?
People and their relations / creations in real and imaginary world.

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?
First of all and generally they should feel people and world around them, their connection. And already after or in parallel they should think about how to show them in their art works.

Where do you currently live and work?
I am live in Moscow and most of my art projects was realized here or in Saint Petersburg, i love traveling much and when i have a time for this, i trying to realize any ideas / projects in beautiful places of other countries.

What did you study – and how I got into photography?
In autumn 2001 I started as a model. One evening my girlfriend (she was a Nu model) brought me to a studio, to get acquainted - to watch the process, and then have some photographs taken of me. At the next art-photo sessions I understood that I found something very important for me. I understood that I would continue to model, and after a while I was confident that when I buy my own camera and start to take my own photographs that it would work! I couldn’t wait to try it out. In my head I had a mountain of ideas piling up... After a year, in the fall of 2002, I finally went with my photographer-friend to a small shop to buy my first digital camera.

Please finish these sentences:
I can't live without… love, art and cloudy sunset sky.
My greates inspiration in the world is… are people and their relations.
I will never forget… the past expirince of life.


Exhibitions 2004 (Moscow):
June - Participant of group exhibit “In Between” - “Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art”.
June-July - Personal exhibit “ART INSOMNIA” - exhibit hall of Pioneer film theatre.
December - Coorganizer of exhibit of Evgeniy Kozhevnikov’s art photography project “Studium II”.

Exhibitions 2005 (Moscow):
April - Personal exhibit “Selected 2002-2004“ - gallery “Centaur”.
June-July - Participant of group exhibit “Memory” - “Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art”.

Exhibitions 2006-2007 (Moscow / Saint-Petersburg / Vologda):
July - Personal exhibit “NUDEfication” (100min) - Newton bar.
September - Participant of group exhibit “Photofusion_2006“ - art gallery “House of F.I. Shalyapin”.
October-november - Participant of group exhibit -“Photofusion_2006 SPb” - art gallery "The international Guild of Masters" (Saint-Petersburg).
December - February - Personal exhibit “subSENSUALITY” - gallery “Red Bridge” (Vologda).

Exhibitions 2007 (Moscow):
April - Digital personal exhibit “subSENSUALITY” - Plasma Hall.

Exhibitions 2009 (UK / Moscow):
April - May - Participant of “Fairfields International Fine Art Photography Exhibition” (Basingstoke, UK).
June - September - Personal exhibit “My.sTories (Cinematique Photographie)” - “Husky Gallery”.
December - Participant of “I Russian Festival of Photographic Travelings FOTOtravel 2009“ - Cinema-Concert complex Baku.

Exhibitions 2010 (Saint-Petersburg / Moscow):
January - March - Personal exhibit “My.sTories” (fotowall SPb) – “Loft Project Floors” (Saint-Petersburg).
February - March - Participant of “Exhibition of Festival Works FotoFuture-2009“ – gallery “No Exhibits” (WinZavod).
December - Participant of “II Russian Festival of Photographic Travelings FOTOtravel 2010“ - Design Factory Flakon.

Exhibitions 2011 (Moscow):
December - Participant of “III Russian Festival of Photographic Travelings FOTOtravel 2011“ - Design Factory Flakon.

Several works are in private international collections.

Abroad publications: Art-Photo-Akt (Germany), Times Journal of Photography (India), PhotoMagazine (Romania), Elegy Iberica (Portugal), Richesses (Ireland), Done Dating DJs (Ireland), Elegy 58 (France), Best of Irish Poetry (Ireland), PHOTOGRAPHERS' COMPANION (China), EYEMAZING (Neetherlands), Doze Magazine (Spain), (Portugal), STARK-MAGAZINE (USA) and many others.

“La fantasía, aislada de la razón, solo produce monstruos imposibles. Unida a ella, en cambio, es la madre del arte y fuente de sus deseos.“

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