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Who and what are we?

This is the foundation behind the anticipated second exhibition by our featured artist and close friend of Dolffs, Bernd Kolb. The book and exhibition entitled “Brahman” is a sequel, if you will, of the hugely successful “Atman” which took place in Berlin last year. I was there with my friend and co-creator of Dolffs, and […]

Who’s afraid of the big black bat

Riddle me this, riddle me that, what do you get when you combine all your favourite super-heros, fairytale and Star Wars characters with baroque portraiture? I will let you think for a second. Ok, yes you’re right… you get pure AWESOMENESS. Excuse my butchering of the English language, but I get giddy with excitement when I […]

It’s not so black and white

It has always fascinated me, the relationship we have with black and white photography. The strange sense of disassociation the lack of colour presents to your senses and emotion. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not insinuating that black and white photos are emotionless, or evoke less feeling than colour photos do. I am […]

Just you and the light

Since we live largely in an age of photographic image manipulation, filters tricks and trickery, I thought I’d touch on a original “filter“ photographic technique from yesteryear – Pinhole photography. Now I heard a few of you gust fast at how old I must be. And no, I’m not using a push chair. But this […]

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