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Anuj Arora
35 x 50 cm  160
Anuj Arora
60 x 90 cm  380
Anuj Arora
90 x 90 cm  530

About Anuj Arora

Anuj Arora is someone who has learnt to focus on things that matters and stop caring about the people who don’t care about him. A man who always gives his best to whatever he loves. There are times when Anuj feels unsorted but he knows how to sort himself. He just can’t lose his focus.

My childhood was fun, it was full of love and small small memorable moments. My parents gave me everything I ever wanted or I ever wished for they supported me and never put pressure on me for anything which I think they should have. Might have made my parents proud in school, they never wished for it but I wanted to or may be they did never told me to. There are many special memories „Ek ho too batau!“

So what is photography like to me?
When I see a frame or moment or a face, I see a moment happening in front of me. I drop everything and rush towards that moment to capture it, to save it. Whether I have to run as far as possible, whether I have to climb a truck which I did. Whether I have to do anything. I challenge myself, motivate myself that you will have to take this shot. This is the only field I’ve ever felt competitive for.

I am not perfect in the ability of visualizing but yes I’ve developed that sense to see a scene and plan a shot before pressing the shutter. There are times when I failed to get expected results, happens mostly because of bad compositions but When I do get expected result I feel satisfied, feeling like it was worth it

So what is my dream?
My dream is to make my father proud of me by doing photography, by climbing mountains, capturing different cultures and people souls. My dream is to hear my Dad saying that his son is an artist. That will be my highest point of my life. That will give me peace and satisfaction. Getting published in magazines and on famous blogs is a goal not a dream.

– Extracts from and article by Siddhartha Joshi. Read the full article here