Riddle me this, riddle me that, what do you get when you combine all your favourite super-heros, fairytale and Star Wars characters with baroque portraiture? I will let you think for a second. Ok, yes you’re right… you get pure AWESOMENESS. Excuse my butchering of the English language, but I get giddy with excitement when I […]

It has always fascinated me, the relationship we have with black and white photography. The strange sense of disassociation the lack of colour presents to your senses and emotion. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not insinuating that black and white photos are emotionless, or evoke less feeling than colour photos do. I am […]

What makes an Artist? I don’t have a clear answer to that question… but I can describe one of them who surely is one: Chris van Niekerk. Being a South-Africa national, and his love for nature, tools and outdoor activities were forged early on in his life. Chris’ passion (and also Talent) for playing music […]

Since we live largely in an age of photographic image manipulation, filters tricks and trickery, I thought I’d touch on a original “filter“ photographic technique from yesteryear – Pinhole photography. Now I heard a few of you gust fast at how old I must be. And no, I’m not using a push chair. But this […]

In the realms of artistic expression there are so many ways to get your thoughts and feelings out. I’m not going to bore you with listing examples here as I presume you didn’t grow up in a cave, which even if you did would lead me to presume that you have at least scraped a […]

In my ongoing quest for “nerding“ myself to death on photography blogs and camera / lens review sites, I have recently come to a startling conclusion. This particular revelation sprung into being while doing a lot of research about camera lenses in particular. Now for those of you

What is better than watching incredible photographers talk about their awe-inspiring works? “Please tell us!” the crowd cheers excitedly. Well, since you asked, the only thing better than that is watching world-renowned all round awesome (I use “awesome” when I’m giddy)

This might just look like an ordinary photo of a gentleman. Perhaps ordinary is a completely inappropriate term, yes the photo is clearly very old and man does look rather mysterious. And I’ll add that it’s aesthetically very beautiful (to me). Ok ok, it is not ordinary at all. Let me start again…

This past week was a special day indeed for us. Last Thursday we opened the doors to our new showroom and had our close family and friends come over to celebrate the occasion. It was a truly memorable night. Additionally we had two of our artists, Denise Perez and Max Muench

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